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The Thinker's Tool

Jotter and coffee, like butter and jam.

We promise we are not overcaffeinated, but we are stoked to bring you a collaboration
 with our very own local brand from Penang, Forest Cloud Beverage Company!

Inspired by ideas over cups of good coffee, The Thinker's Tool is put together for the
convenience of jotting down thoughts and possibilities before they slip off your mind.

Jot down your ideas on the go, while you enjoy your cuppa pick-me-up.

Stay ready, stay focused
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  • TTT Jotters
    + Think to Imagine (Blank pages)
    + Think Out Of The Box (Dotted + grid pages)
    + Thinker Become Planner (Undated planner)

  • Coffee Drip Bag
    + A mix of Ethiopia Yirgacheffe and Ethiopia Sidamo Shakisso
    + 3 Packs of coffee drip bag

  • Multi-Pen with 4 functions
    + Ballpoint pen in Black / Blue / Red 1.0
    + Mechanical Pencil 0.5

  • Tote Bag
    + Made of cotton canvas
    + 32 x 16 x 33 cm

  • Undated Year Overview Sheet
    + Plan milestones over 12 months, and watch yourself grow.

  • Sticker
    + For decoration and attention at where you want.

Paper Origin 
& Quality

  • Swiss-made 100gsm paper
  • Fountain pen friendly
  • Off white
  • Acid-free
  • FSC-Certified
  • ISO 9706
  • ISO 14001

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