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The Simple Truth

We aspire to AWE. To bring you a touch of elegance and a sense of great joy (or euphoria) in your pursuit of putting pen to paper. At MUCCA, we embrace freedom of thoughts and individuality.

Born to a family of stationery producers, we have acquired a keen interest for paper products. Stepping away from the one-size-fits all approach, our passion lies with
creating products that can be personalized to reflect one’s identity and values.

Whilst the push into digital age has created many challenges for us especially when note-taking apps are easily available on-line, we believe that the conventional notebook still has its appeal. There is no better place than a paper notebook to pour out our thoughts and ideas, whilst also helping us to visualise, organize and remember them with ease. Let our creations be the catalyst that get your creative juices flowing and your imagination run wild!

Being a homegrown brand, we inspire to bring positive impact to the local scene
with our values and distinguished workmanship.

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