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Muccapaper - the notebook lab.

Here at Muccapaper, each piece is personalised according to your choice of formulas and recipe. Breaking out from the belief of "one size fits all", we take pride in embracing flexibility, offering a range of products that serves different purposes.

This is a lab with different tools for you to choose from, so you can enjoy the freedom of making what works for you.

Whether you are a planner, goal achiever, journalist, or artist, every piece produced carries the heart of its owner - you.

The word Mucca stems from kinship, denoting intimate relations from members of the same root. We want you to enjoy holding the products you created, pieces that reflect your character and continue to evolve with you on your journey.

We love being part of your journey, from the beginning of exploring what works for you, to bringing your choices to come to life. 

As you carry your Muccapaper with you, find satisfaction and embrace your uniqueness.

Our Core Values

We believe in creating versatile products that adapt to your purpose
Flexible designs that evolve and grow with you.
Be your own science, personalise your fomula
You are the core of what we do
Preserving the art of writing
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