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A Cut Above

The greatest tales and adventures are often told from the pages of a leather-bound tome. The unswerving material protects both the words and memories alike through the passage of time. 

In collaboration with Penang-based artisanal custom leather atelier Utile, Mucca Paper is thrilled to unveil to you the exclusive Pablo Series Leather edition! 

Made from ethically sourced leather from the Tuscany region of Italy, each cover is proudly handcrafted in George Town, Penang with absolute precision from the start to the end. 

Be among the limited individuals in the world to own this keepsake from the union of aesthetic and quality. Let your notebook be judged by its cover
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The Space
in Your Space

Welcome to the multiverse and metaverse age, where endless possibilities are the accepted norm. We are no Yoda in these subjects, but what we do know is how to make a good notebook that sparks your imagination.

Recount your stories or plan your next adventure within the pages of our new intergalactic inspired covers. Where the space out there holds the answers to life’s many questions, our Refinery series brings you the space to create your own narratives to those mysteries.

Ready to delve into the uncharted corners of the universe? We’re in! Like the words of our favourite space explorer

– To Infinity and Beyond!
Take Off!

The Thinker's Tool

MP Phone Strap Adapter


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