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Mucca X Yuki Doodles Angpow Set

Mucca x Yuki Doodles

Angpao Doodle Set

Customisable angpaos, get creative and express your personality!

This set of angpaos comes with 4 designs for you to decorate freely with an array of cute stickers designed by local artist, Yuki Doodles.

What is inclusive of the red packet package:
• 2 pcs red packets x4 designs (size: 8.5 x 8.5cm)
• 6 sheets of stickers (sheet size: 8 x 8cm)

Please choose 2 sticker designs for each section. You may refer to the images below.

If you only want to purchase the stickers, you may select "All 14 designs" in the Only Stickers section.
Bundle none ...
Section 1 none ...
Section 1 - B none ...
Section 2 none ...
Section 2 - B none ...
Section 3 none ...
Section 3 - B none ...
Only Stickers none ...

Red Package Designs (by default)

Angpow 1
Angpow 2
Angpow 3
Angpow 4

Sticker Options for Section 1

Section 1_God
Section 1_Cow
Section 1_Boys
Section 1_Fish

Sticker Options for Section 2

Section 2_Orange
Section 2_Pineapple
Section 2_Gold
Section 2_Mahjong

Sticker Options for Section 3

Section 3_Chun Lian
Section 3_Heng!Ong!Huat!
Section 3_Greeting
Section 3_Mini Orange
Section 3_Flower
Section 3_Cloud

Product Info

Red Packet Size8.5 x 8.5cm
Paper TypeRoyal Sundance Classic Linen
Sticker Sheet Size8 x 8cm

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