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Make it yours


For the strong willed, with a firm spirit and courageous heart.


+Size: 6.5 x 5 cm
Cling none ...
Leather Strap none ...
Leather Button none ...
Option 1 - Knotted Ball none ...
Option 2 - Velvet Tassel none ...
Personalise none ...
Color #d4983f

Make the most out of your Cling!

Add a splash of colour!

Favour more colours? Why not? After all there are days when it’s a little blue, and sunny days with vibrant hues.

Gift Box

Thoughtfully holding your customised Cling in place. Now that's well planned gifting!

Leather Cable Organiser

Who says organising needs to be dull?

Foil Stamping

Get creative! Give your leather cable organiser a touch of glam.

To the things that spark joy in our lives.
In this case, organised cables!

Would you like to wrap it around?

Or fastened it this way?

There’s no right or wrong way, choose what works for you!

However you would like to use your leather organiser,
share with us by tagging #muccapaper

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